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Tips for Protecting a Paint Job

When painting the exterior of a building, there are certain considerations to be looked at. Apart from the visual element, you need to understand how the paint layer protects the building from moisture and other weather effects. There is some maintenance involved in keeping the paint job clean as well. […]

What is the Fast Fashion Industry?

Fast fashion refers to the growing popularity of mass produced, cheap, and low-quality clothing that are pushed into the market and cycled in and out as the current trends fade and new trends emerge. The speed at which products complete their sales lifecycle creates a competitive advantage for the organisations […]

The Stages of Timber Production

Timber refers to wood used in industrial and structural production. Timber is a favoured material in building construction, interior design, and manufacturing consumer products due to its various qualities such as appearance, durability, and rigidity. Timber can also be engineered artificially to achieve other desirable features such as waterproofing, thermal […]