6 Solutions to Common Household Lighting Issues

You could have the best interior design in the neighbourhood or the most impeccable garden on the block but good lighting is what makes a perfect home, in our opinion. There’s nothing worse than having too little light to work with or having too much glare hurting your eyes. Here are some solutions to common household issues when it comes to lighting you’ve no doubt run into!

Bright Colours

This might be a classic method, but it sure does work! Use at least 2 or 3 bright colours in the room to amp it up and give it a cheery atmosphere. Work out a colour scheme so that you can add more textures in the form of rugs or throw pillows, art on the walls etc. Remember, while white shades usually add the most amount of brightness, they also have a rather cold and meticulous look. Instead, you could always opt for creamier colour that will let in more warmness as well.

Reflective surfaces

Especially when it comes to a small space, like a hallway example, adding a mirror creates the illusion of far more light and space than there really is. It’s a simple trick but one that’s been known to work its charm remarkably well. If it’s a room with windows, make sure you use a sheer curtain that you can bunch up as well if you need more light. Glossy floors and metallic finishes also have a similar effect of bouncing light around in a room if the mirror doesn’t seem to do the trick.


Sometimes, all your room is missing is a focal point. Instead of going for smaller, pendant lights, opt for a larger lantern-styled fixture or a big floor lamp to give the room the focus it needs.


Sometimes there’s just too much light in the room- either the light streaming in from the windows is too strong or the light fixtures themselves have a harsh glare to them at night. For the first issue, you can invest in thicker curtain material that you can bunch up on darker days. For the second, this is where having a dimmer comes in handy! Using a dimmer, you can adjust the light intensity to suit your every mood and need.

Outdoor lighting

When the family wants to spend a great day outdoors on the patio, but the sunlight is too strong and the glare far too harsh, you can always invest in retractable outdoor blinds. This way you can get the privacy and shade of the cool indoors in your outdoor setting!

Dark corners

Most homeowners tend to forget that the corners too of their house needs adequate lighting. It all contributes to that dreary feeling- especially in the kitchen. So when you next invest in light fixtures, make sure to get some that cover your closets, kitchen counters, shelves etc.

And there it is, our solutions to common lighting issues! We hope you managed to find some solutions that will make your space more comfortable and relaxing!

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