Great Ways To Exercise While Having Fun

Exercising doesn’t always mean fun. Sore muscles, sweating, and strenuous physical activities are not everyone’s ideal way to end a tiring day. Having an active and healthy lifestyle is ideal but having the energy and the motivation to put in into practice is another thing. When an activity feels like work and not something that could be done for fun, enthusiasm is hard to muster. When it comes to exercising, make it too much fun for you to quit after five minutes. Remember the times when you are a kid and you could not sit still. Rediscover the activities you used to do and enjoy and incorporate it into your pursuit to exercise and swelter.


Cycling is one of those activities that kids like. As an adult, you can rediscover this interest as it is an effective and entertaining way to exercise since it not only burns fat, it also builds muscles. People with more developed muscles are more likely to burn more calories even when not moving. Cycling is also an exercise that cuts the risk of developing cancer and heart diseases. When you began to be an expert cyclist, engage in long-distance road cycling. The activity which started in Italy in the 1970s called Gran Fondo or literal translation of “Big Ride” is now held almost everywhere in the world. However, gran fondo italy is amongst the few tours that adhere to the true gran Fondo model.


Dancing is another fun way to exercise for those not fond of dribbling balls or swinging rackets. This activity could also be done in solitude if you prefer to be alone. Just hit up YouTube in your laptop and follow some belly dancing or tap dancing tutorials. Or if you want to exercise with your spouse, enrol in dance classes and introduce new interest to date night by learning to dance salsa, or tango, two of the most sensual dances there is. But if you feel like these are not enough to make you sweat, why not try Capoeira? Originated in Brazil, Capoeira is a mix of dancing and martial arts. You not only have fun dancing, you also learn some few essential moves to defend yourself should the need arises.

Martial Arts

If you feel inspired by Capoeira and decided to truly learn Martial Arts, there is a lot to choose from, with all of these workouts aiming to strengthen your whole body, give you flexibility and condition your arms, legs and back. Among the most common form of martial arts are Karate, Taekwondo, Judo and Kung Fu. For the novice, all four seems the same and foolishly defined as “what Jackie Chan does”. But the major differences between these four is that Judo and Karate are from Japan, Taekwondo is from Korea and Kung Fu is from China although all four emphasizes on punching and kicking moves which are essential to protect yourself from bullies, your colleague who always steal your sandwich, the jerk who swipes your parking space. Or you could be your city’s newest superhero.

Whatever activity you have decided on, what is important is that you start now. Choosing to have an active and healthy lifestyle should be done as early as possible to give you more vitality, better mental health and can manage stress better.

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