How To Properly Maintain A Pergola

A pergola or a pavilion is a minimalist outdoor structure or framework that is usually covered with climbing plants. Truth be told, pergolas do not really need much maintenance. But that does not mean you should neglect it. Proper cleaning and maintenance mean that it will last longer and also remain in better condition for the years you have it. So here is how to properly maintain and clean a pergola:

Inspect The Whole Framework

You need to just thoroughly examine the entire structure of the pergola to ensure that it has not got damaged in the years since you have installed it. You need to remember that the main beams holding the structure up can sometimes have wood rot or terminates and if they are not exterminated on time, it can spread quite rapidly, until it eventually brings down the whole structure. So look for the tell-tale signs of terminates and such, other than that you have nothing much to worry about.

Time To Wash It

Although the pergola is outside and definitely gets wet every time it rains, you still need to clean it. Use soaps and detergents that are relatively mild and will not damage the wooden pergola. Dish washing soap, a bucket full of water, a sponge and a brush is good enough tools for you to clean the pavilion with. Once the pergola has been soaped up then wash it all off with a powerful hose. If the hose has good water pressure to it, then any dirt and grime will fall off the pergola with ease. Once the structure is clean make sure to walk around and check for damages once more.

Get Rid Of Stains

Pergolas tend to look old and worn out because of issues like mold and mildew. Your Addon Pergolas timber deckings can look patchy with time and so a proper cleaning at least once a year is vital. But if the wood gets stained make sure to clean it as soon as you notice the stain because the longer you keep it the more difficult it will be to clean later on.

Buff Out The Cuts And Scratches

If your pavilion is a wooden structure, then make sure to check it for cuts, dents, and scratch marks. These can all thankfully be smoothed out and refinished so they look at good as new. There are various types of material used to build a pergola and each one should come with its own repair kit or touch up kit. These kits will help you handle minor issues and small damages done to your pavilion.

Now you know that cleaning and maintaining a pavilion is as simple as can be. It is also an absolute delight to own and enjoy a pergola especially during the month of spring when the whole garden is in full bloom. Do not think that pergolas come with a lot of work, they are a pleasure to have and so easy to clean.

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