Modern Interior Decor Styles for Your New Place

Whether you are moving onto your own place for the first time or you are renovating and redecorating your old place, deciding on your new interior décor and the furniture style is one of the key components of house decoration. Check out below to see some of the trendiest furniture styling ideas that you can try out.

Retro Designs

Trying out a retro interior decorating style is now a common trend. Designing a house’s interior with mid-century modern décor; inspired by the style of 60s or 70s can give you a stylish look. Especially with the modern colour palettes that often come with this design, you get the chance to move away from the traditional neutral coloured furniture and try out more statement pieces. You can also go for some mixed colour palates where you can mix neutral colours like beige or brown with darker shades like green, blue or orange.

Scandinavian Designs

Scandinavian modern furniture is another trend that is observed in many modern houses. Neutral Scandinavian furniture will always add a minimalist charm to your place. But if you are someone who loves a splash of colour, but want to keep it to a minimum, you can always try out pastel Scandinavian designs. If you are hoping to shop for this style make sure you buy from Nordik Living to choose from all the new trends in Scandinavian furniture designs that can add a soothing colour palette to your interior.

Natural Materials

If you want to add a cosy yet trendy look to your house’s interior, trying out natural materials can help. Especially materials like natural stone, wood or even natural fabrics is used by many to add to the aesthetic appeal of the house. Natural materials are known to add a homely and cosy look, even to the largest spaces and can be used it almost all the interior decorating styles. So, if you are looking for sustainable interior décor plans that can still keep the style factor high in your house, here is your chance.

Mismatched Furniture

Gone are the days of using similar furniture sets with complementary colours or shades of the same colour. Mismatched furniture is a great idea for those of you who are looking for a different style than matching furniture sets or are trying to stick to a budget and cannot go for matched furniture sets. Mismatched interior design used furniture and various other décor pieces from more than one style to create a unique and stylish look. This is the perfect décor idea for those of you who love to stray from the traditional design ideas and want to bring out your unique taste.

Industrial Materials

These designs refer to the interior design style that is inspired by the interior of large old factories or industries. This style uses features such as concrete floors and walls, exposed beams, furniture materials such as leather, stainless steel and reclaimed wood. This is a style that leans more towards sparser designs so if you like spacey rooms rather than cosy, then this is one style you can give a try. This also a chance for you to experiment with a few furniture styles as this interior décor trend allows you to test out wood and metal furniture mixed together.

Instead of trying the same old designs we see in houses all the time, why not give a chance to one or few of these interior décor styles?  

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