Reasons to Use Engineered Wood Flooring

Wood flooring has a classic and elegant look which is something that has stayed true all these years. But they can be quite expensive and their resistance to natural elements can be quite low. Engineered wood provides a good alternative to solid wood flooring and there are so many choices of finishes that you can select as well.

French oak engineered flooring is highly durable because of the multiple layers that are beneath the veneer surface. Solid wood can wear out faster especially in high traffic environments like entrances, pathways, kitchens and common areas. But you will not face this same issue in engineered wood as they withstand more wear and tear. You need to consider the moisture level of the environment that you are installing engineered wood as too much moisture can be detrimental. The main reason that homeowners are increasingly selecting engineered wood floors is that they are more cost-effective than expensive hardwood flooring. There is a longer installation period for solid wood compared to engineered wood. If you are thinking of doing the installation yourself, this flooring is quite easy to install and you can save some costs as well.

There are no variations in how the engineered wood is manufactured. The locking system used in this flooring which is tongue and groove is replicated perfectly on each plank and you will not face any issues with the laying. There will be no planks that will fit oddly or have a slightly different groove. In the case of natural wood, installation can take time because of this and it will require skilled technicians. You don’t need to worry about replacing the floor as engineered wood floors can last for a very long time. Make sure you ask the supplier about how many times the top surface of the engineered wood can be sanded down and polished. This will allow you to renew the look of the flooring after some time.

Flooring is subjected to the most traffic and wear so maintenance is a big concern when you are buying flooring material. While we mentioned that high moisture environments are not exactly conducive for maintaining the quality of the planks, there is a threshold of resistance that they come with. You can mop the floor with a slightly damp mop but you should take care not to leave standing water on top of the surface for a long time as it can seep through and damage the plank. You can use a broom or a vacuum cleaner to clean up the dust that accumulates throughout the week. There is a large variety of colours and textures that you can find in engineered flooring. If you are renovating, you can definitely find a finish that matches the existing ambience of the house. A big concern when it comes to renovation projects is the time taken for the process. You can speed up the process by installing engineered wood flooring as it doesn’t take a lot of time. The investment for this flooring type will not break the bank leaving you with a sufficient budget for the rest of the renovations.

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